Used Jeans Recycling Inspiration


Used Jeans Recycling Inspiration – Jeans are the most popular pants in the world because so many people like to wear them. Besides being comfortable to wear, jeans are also suitable to be combined with various clothes. Even the famous fashion designer, the late Yves Saint Laurent, called blue jeans the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed, and the most effortless.

For information, the manufacture of jeans itself was originally started by a man from Germany named Levi Strauss, who sold various types of clothing materials in 1847. Who would have thought, if it turned out that jeans were originally a material that did not sell well among other materials.

By continuing to improvise the clothes he makes, Levi combines other materials ordered from Italy. Finally, jeans emerged that were favored by miners because the material had good resistance, and was not easily damaged or torn.

This is what can be said to be one of the reasons people of all ages, even now like clothes with jeans material, because these pants have a material that is not easily damaged and can last a long time.

In fact, when the jeans that we have can no longer be used because the size is no longer in accordance with the changes in the owner’s body posture, the jeans material can still be said to be good and too dear to be thrown away. Here we will discuss how to process used jeans into reusable items. Starting from turning used jeans into unique bags, gloves for smartphones, to shoes. With a little skill such as sewing and using a needle/thread, you can also turn your unused jeans into useful items with their own uniqueness.

1. Turning Used Jeans Into a Tote Bag
This tote bag with a touch of red strap is also made from used jeans. Designed by Bar Rucci, a DIY enthusiast from France, you can make this DIY tote bag yourself with sewing skills. For those of you who like or have a hobby of sewing, you can try it yourself.

2. Sofa cushion cover
Maybe the house needs a refresh. Instead of buying a new sofa cushion cover, why not try making your own. This time, create unused jeans to turn into sofa pillowcases.

Using the leg area, you can cut and combine the two materials in the leg area to make a pillowcase. Sew with the desired size and denim pillows are ready to beautify the sofa. For accents, you can add a natural colored leather belt. If not, the ribbon is fine.

3. Makeup pouch
Another easy DIY project is to make a make up pouch out of unused jeans. Select the leg area and cut it to the desired size.

Cut the sides and sew the zipper. Then sew left and right and become a pouch for your beauty tools.

For a more stylish result, you can try the fringe accents on the left and right. Leave 4 cm from the end of the seam and pull the threads one at a time to create a fringe accent.

4. Gadget Bag
This gadget storage case is designed to protect your favorite gadgets, especially from scratching keys, pens and other objects in the bag. By adding a strap, this holster can also function like a bag, with a compact design that looks unique.

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5. Beautiful wall hanger made of jeans
Macrame is becoming a much-loved wall decorator. You can also make macrame-type wall hangings using easy materials, one of which is unused jeans.

Gather some materials, such as wood branches, thread, and unused jeans. Cut the side area where the seam is. cut in the shape of a feather, with the seam line as the feather bone. Pull the thread on the left and right of the seam so that it creates the impression of a feather.

Hook it in the middle area of ​​the wooden branch, make it aesthetic as you wish. Hang on the wall of the house. New display is here!

6. Tote bag from jeans
Jeans are often converted into tote bags in various ways. Starting from the easy way to the super hard way.

The easiest way is to cut both areas of the leg to the same length. Then scissor on each one of the sides.

Add straps for sling and start sewing all the pieces together. A simple bag of unused jeans can be used anywhere.

7. Wall organizer from jeans pocket
Confused always feel lost scissors or pens? Maybe it’s time to make an organizer that can be hung on the wall.

While #stayhome, let’s be creative with unused jeans. Cut out the pockets and find a board large enough to make the organizer.

If you don’t have a plank, you can use wire that’s strong enough to support any small equipment. Glue the jeans pockets on the board or wire. Decorate as desired to make it more attractive to the eye. After that, hang it in a place that is easily visible.

8. Tassel denim
The last one is a denim tassel that can be made from unused jeans. This tassel can later be a decoration at home, or in a bag.

Can also be made into pendants, earrings or necklaces. Equally interesting!

How to make it super easy. Cut jeans material 20x7cm long. Then cut it thinly, leaving 2 cm at the top. Then roll up the material and cover the top with the desired ribbon or yarn.

Voila! Tassel is finished and ready to be embedded in many places.