Unique HP Case Inspiration


Unique HP Case Inspiration – Almost everyone in this world who uses cellphones wants to keep their cellphones awake. There are so many cellphone cases on the market. Various kinds of models and also varied shapes. The price offered also varies depending on what material the casing is.

If you are confused and feel that your cellphone case is on the market, you can try to make your own cellphone case instead of having to buy the casing at an online store. Creativity is a fixed price when you make this cellphone case. Besides being cheap, this cellphone case is definitely different from cellphone casings on the market, it can even be said that this cellphone casing is second to none. You can also take advantage of used items that are still feasible to be used as materials for making this cellphone case. Don’t be afraid, a homemade cellphone case can definitely be of high quality to protect your smartphone, even if your Samsung is the most expensive. So below, I present some examples of mobile phone cases that can later be your own inspiration for developing creativity. Who knows, with your creativity, you can generate more rupiah coffers in your pocket.

Unique Phone Case

1. Cardboard case

This first cellphone case is made of cardboard that is no longer used. You can use used cardboard for cigarettes or other materials that have dimensions that match your cellphone. Next, create the cardboard using wrapping paper to make it more attractive.

2. Fabric Sleeve Case

Furthermore, you can also be more creative using fabrics that are no longer used. Tailors will be happy to sell it to you. Flannel is one of the most common types of fabric used to make cell phone soft cases. You just need to adjust it to the dimensions of the phone and sew it together. Neatness is a key requirement to make this case look more artistic. Furthermore, you can also add other creations as a sweetener on your cellphone case.

3. Leather Sleeve Case

If you want a different casing material than usual, you can try making using leather. Of course, to get this leather requires quite a lot of money, but you can multiply it by buying synthetic leather. Almost the same as the process of making a case from flannel, you only need to adjust to the dimensions of the cellphone and sew it neatly. This case will protect your phone from scratches from small objects.

4. Envelope Case

Having the same material as synthetic leather casing, you can of course create your ideas by using a casing that has a shape similar to an envelope. This is a much simpler way of making it compared to the process of making a sleeve case as usual. However, the result is also much more attractive than most sleeve cases.

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5. Book Shaped Flip Case

The next creation has a very unusual casing shape. This case has the shape of a book. The principle is almost the same as when making a flip case. However, the difference is that the cover is a cover in the form of a book cover. No wonder people will think that we are reading a book, even though this is just camouflage. Actually we are playing with our cellphones or tablets.

6. Sleeve Case from Used Jeans

Have an unused pair of jeans or jacket? You should not throw the jeans in the trash first. It’s a good idea to recreate these jeans into something more useful and can also support your style. One of them is to use it as a sleeve for your cell phone case. Make a pattern and adjust it to the dimensions of your favorite cellphone. Also add some cool badges as additional accessories for the sleeve case.

7. Blink-blink case

You can also create a cell phone case or back cover in order to get the maximum appearance. One way is to apply glue on the surface and then sprinkle glitter or other small particles such as pieces of paper and other small objects. Randomly sprinkle these particles on the cellphone case. Next let it dry. So that the particles are not easily damaged, you can add clear paint to protect your creations.

8. Balloon Case

This method is the simplest way. You just need to blow the balloon then put your phone on the balloon and press it slowly. While pressed, slowly release the air contained in the balloon. Furthermore, your phone will be protected by the rubber balloon.

9. Artistic Case

For the manufacture of this type of casing requires an unusual technique. You must have a high artistic and creative spirit. This is because the shape of this phone case is very unusual. Some parts for the manufacture of this casing also require costs for manufacture and also its application. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to make this casing. Previously, we have reviewed this artistic and unique case on the 10 Most Weird Design Mobile Phones in the World.

10. Wooden Case

This last case has a very cool design. Wood is the main material in the process of making this casing. You can make it using a pattern that has been adjusted to your phone first. Next, make a frame for this case. Don’t forget to also provide protection such as cloth or suede as a protector of your cellphone. Assemble, and the result will deceive many.