The Most Expensive Necklace Accessories

The Most Expensive Necklace Accessories

The Most Expensive Necklace Accessories – Necklace is one of the jewelry that is used around the neck. These accessories can be made of any material depending on our taste. Jewelry necklaces are one of the best accessories, especially for women. So, it’s no wonder that there are many women who are crazy about jewelry necklaces, because they are easy to use and can be worn in various designs and activities.

However, you need to know that not all women can wear necklaces, especially jewelry that can be expensive!

So far, it has been known that there are many jewelry necklaces that are deliberately made to keep their wealth. Many celebrities and also rich people are willing to spend even more to be able to have it.

What are the jewelry necklaces that are said to be priced up to millions of dollars or the equivalent of billions of rupiah? To find out, please refer to the following reviews.

Garrad’s Heart of Tea Kingdom Ruby US$ 14 million (141 billion)

This type of jewelry necklace is an exception because it has no competitors at all. The House of Garrad brand is the creator of fashion when it first designed Heart of The Kingdom Ruby. The high cost of this necklace is evident from its rarity. A necklace decorated with rubies and diamonds.

Diamond Pendant, US$ 4.8 Million (Rp 48.4 billion)

In contrast to this expensive jewelry necklace, which is usually associated with the complexity of the pattern it has. However, the Diamond Pendant itself actually appears with its simplicity. Instead of using only small diamonds, this necklace deliberately puts a diamond pendant that is quite large. This pendant weighs about 74.89 carats.

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Neil Lane Diamond Necklace, US$ 4 million (Rp 40.3 billion)

This jewelry is quite famous after attracting attention at the red carpet event. This Neil Diamond necklace has been used by famous artist Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars. With a content of 14 carats, this one necklace is made in various designs with plantinum material.

Marie Antoinette’s DeBeers necklace, $3.7 million (Rp. 37.2 billion)

As for this type of necklace, Debeers Marie Antoinette has presented various types of diamonds in very beautiful cuts. Diamonds contained in this jewelry include 8.05 carat white diamonds, two yellow diamonds 7.06 and 5.24 carats respectively, and 1.84 carat pink diamonds. So, the total diamond content reached 181.1 carats.

H Stern Venus Necklace, US$ 3.17 million (Rp 31.9 billion)

And the last is the type of necklace that is intended for those who like simplicity with various types of diamonds weighing 110 carats.