South Jakarta Language and Its Influence on Millennial Children’s Association

South Jakarta Language and Its Influence on Millennial Children's Association

South Jakarta Language and Its Influence on Millennial Children’s Association – Hi, are you mentally okay? Are you experiencing mental health issues due to overwork at work or school? Or are you currently experiencing insecurity due to the quarter life crisis? Maybe you need healing to handle it all. Well, have you ever heard that English word in daily conversation or content?

First, you need to know why the South Jakarta area is the center of the capital’s lifestyle. This is because there are many foreign affairs offices, shopping centers, and foreign specialties in the South Jakarta area. Due to the large number of outsiders working in this area, English is often heard in this area.
Therefore, children who live around this area must be carried away by the accent or lifestyle of outsiders who live in the South Jakarta area. In addition, the topics of conversation of the people of South Jakarta often lead to business development, business, and also fashion. So that when the trend of online stock planting and so on, it becomes something that is attached to business people even for those who only follow a lifestyle.

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Some say that South Jakarta is not only about regions. If you live in another area, but always hang out at cafes with English tucked in, drink boba and talk about crypto, then you have adopted the South Jakarta children’s lifestyle.

Pros and cons are present especially when highlighting the style of language. However, actually the English is not wrong, even though there are some words that are added with English affixes, such as honest. If they communicate with outsiders, they will also understand the terms insecure, mental health, quarter life, gaslighting, and so on.

South Jakarta is actually the same language as Singapore, which has a singlish language, where Singaporeans mix Hokkien dialect with Singaporean English. This has become natural and has become its own characteristic, that Singapore has a singlish language that is inherent in everyday life.

However, Indonesian people are not used to the phenomenon of mixing foreign languages ​​with local languages, so many people think it is a tacky language. In fact, if viewed from the positive side, the habit of using the South Jakarta language also helps people to learn English in a fun way, right?