pants that would be craved by women

pants that would be craved by women

pants that would be craved by women – pants are one that we often use that can be combined easily but still looks stylish. whether trousers, shorts, or knee-length pants.

In our daily life, of course we choose shorts to support our appearance. Intrigued by what looks will suit any outfit or mix

1. Loose jeans During the last few seasons

loose jeans or loose jeans have indeed returned and are becoming more and more popular. Especially in 2021, a wider leg cut will be a highlight that makes loose jeans a trend. Smooth folds, high waists, and unexpected colors like faded gray also make the loose jeans trend a unique look for the next year.

2. Straight-leg jeans in vintage style Furthermore

there is a straight-leg or straight on the leg which will also be a trend. Vintage-inspired jeans with a high-waist, straight-leg cut are going to be a hit. This type of jeans makes the wearer look modern but still looks neat.

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3. Hourglass Jeans

The hourglass body shape with a slim waist is often referred to as the ideal body shape. This body shape makes a woman look naturally sexy. Well, pants that are suitable for hourglass bodies are jeans with a solid color with a slim fit cut. But if you want to make your waist look fuller, just choose a pair of jeans that are a bit loose with a wide bottom cut. Another type of pants that is suitable for this body shape is flare pants.

4.Pear jeans

The pear body shape has a slender characteristic on the upper body and is filled in the thighs, buttocks, and hips. There are many advantages to this body shape, including looking sexy and easy to avoid disease. For those of you who want to accentuate the bottom curve, you can wear pants that are a little tighter. But if you are not confident and want to cover it up, choose pants with dark colors. Avoid medium or light colors to prevent your hips and thighs from getting bigger.