Hijab Accessories to Beautify

Hijab Accessories to Beautify

Hijab Accessories to Beautify – Not only non-hijab can wear accessories to beautify your appearance. But also women with hijab can wear a variety of beautiful accessories

1. Bros

Brooches are the most common accessories used as a sweetener in clothes or hijabs. Brooches are also very diverse, ranging from flowers, ribbons to animal shapes.

Some are small, some are large. For small brooches, you can freely use them, can be attached to the hijab, it can also be on the neck or clothes.

But for a large brooch, you should avoid using it on the head because it will make your appearance look tacky. Simply use it around the neck or shoulders.

In addition, pay attention to the color selection, don’t let the color of the brooch collide with the color of the hijab you are using, hijabers.

2. Hijab Earrings

One of the newest hijab accessories that is currently being loved by many hijabers is hijab earrings. These earrings are not earrings that are attached to the ears, but are affixed to the hijab cloth, more precisely near the ears.

The materials for making these hijab earrings also vary, some from beads, ribbons to feathers. But earrings made of feathers are the most in demand today. Unlike the usual earrings, these hijab earrings are usually used on one side only.

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3. Headband

Headband has long been used as a hair decoration by women. But with the development of the hijab trend and more and more creations made by hijabers, now the headband is not only used as a hair decoration, but also a complement to the hijab style.

In choosing a headband or headband, of course there are several things that you must consider first, such as the suitability of the hijab used and the event you will attend. For example, for a plain hijab and for casual activities, you can choose a headband with flowers or colorful ribbons that will make your appearance look more chic and vibrant.

Meanwhile, to attend a formal event, you can choose a headband with a more elegant and less crowded motif like a lace headband.

4. Choker

This tight choker or necklace with a shape that almost chokes your neck can also be your choice to perfect your appearance when wearing a hijab, especially for those of you who have a long and slender neck shape. This hijab accessory will give an elegant impression by highlighting your perfect neck shape.

When it first appeared, chokers were made of metal and gems. However, currently the models and materials for making these necklaces are very varied, some are made of pearls, velvet, plastic, leather to beads.

So you can freely choose a choker that suits your character and the clothes you wear.