Best Hair Accessories Ideas

Best Hair Accessories Ideas

Best Hair Accessories Ideas – Neat hair can make people feel more confident. Not a few people who use accessories on their hair. Here are hair accessories that you can use

1. Hair Clip

We often refer to them as hairpins. However, hairpins come in several more types. It’s just that, the function is on average the same, namely to complement hair styling or prevent hair from getting messy and falling in front of your face.

There are various kinds of hair clips, from small ones just for straightening baby hair (short hairs around the hairline) to large bobby pins that can help hold all the hair back. Some names of hair clips include claw clip, snap clip, banana clip, classic hinge, double prong curl, alligator clip, and duckbill clip. The materials for making hair clips are metal, and some are plastic.

From the element of manufacture, there are two types of hair clips, which are made of metal and some are made of plastic. Metal clasps are more durable and strong, but are often less comfortable to use. On the other hand, plastic clasps are easily damaged if used carelessly, but they are more convenient.

2. Barettes

This one hair accessory is also often called a hair clip. Even so, often have a stronger binding power than hair clips that stay tucked in the hair. The reason is, at the end it has a hook to keep the clasp from changing its location.

Barettes are suitable for use on thin hair, to smooth and tie from the side of the head. So, it also functions as a hair tie. Larger barettes can be used to make ponytails.

3. Headbands

This term is intended for hair accessories whose main material is cloth and is worn by wrapping it around the head or slightly on the forehead. Its main function is so that the hair does not often fall on the eyes or face. However, there are also those who wear it as a headdress only. To be sure, the appearance becomes different when wearing headbands.

The headband can be made of cloth, but some are made of plastic and metal. Some of them need to be tied first, some need to be tucked in. Accessories include headbands, for example bandanas and headbands.

This hair accessory is suitable for use on bad hair days because it hides the lack of hair, but can still look stylish. A variety of color choices make headbands a complementary accessory for a unified style of dress. From casual, formal to office, to glamorous party occasions.

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4. Sweatband

The design of this hair accessory is similar to a headband. Only, the sweatband is wider in size, made of a material that absorbs sweat, and is worn on the forehead. The function of the sweatband is specifically for sports purposes, namely preventing sweat from flowing into the eyes and covering the hair so that it does not interfere with sports activities.

Now, sweatbands are often used as a fashion statement by athletes or sports teams. Common people also sometimes use a sweatband as a complement to their style.

5. Hair Pins

Hair pins have several forms. However, the function is generally the same, namely so that the shape of the hair that is arranged does not change shape. Its sleek shape can be used or tucked easily into the hair. In addition to pinning hair so it doesn’t fall in front of the eyes or face, hair pins are a mainstay tool for making buns (buns or buns) so that the appearance looks neat.

Another type of hair pin is called a bobby pin which is usually smaller than a hair pin. Its use is also by way of tucked in the hair. However, in addition to maintaining the shape of the hair, bobby pins are often used also for hair decoration. Bobby pins became popular since the 1920s to maintain the bob hairstyle.