7 of The Weirdest And Most Ridiculous Fashion Accessories


7 of The Weirdest And Most Ridiculous Fashion Accessories – In fashion, accessories are an important part that can complete a person’s appearance. In addition to making the appearance look more stylish, accessories can also cover deficiencies in appearance. However, what happens if the accessories we use actually make us look silly and weird. Here are five of the weirdest and most ridiculous fashion accessories.

Tear decoration
This whimsical jewelery measures 14mmx33mm. This water accessory is affixed under the eye to resemble a teardrop. This makes the user look as if he is crying. Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek, 29, who designed this jewelry admitted that users are very satisfied with the accessory.

Botox-injected bag
Mauro Orietti-Carella, a designer from Milan, makes accessories using a strange technique. She uses Botox injections in her bag, an anti-aging compound that is popular with celebrities and socialites today. Botox injections are considered to be able to extend the life of the bag. Mauro is an accessory designer who is popular with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Cindy Crawford.

TV Bag
Bag TV is a handbag attached to a 7-inch LCD TV. There are 7 different colors for you to choose from. Users can also play MP3 files, DVDs, music or pictures on the TV. Meanwhile, the TV battery can last about two and a half hours. This bag is the newest concept in the fashion world.

Plastic Nipples
Plastic nipples are one of the weirdest and most ridiculous accessories we can find in America and Japan. This accessory is used to define the shape of the nipple when the user is wearing tight clothing. Believe it or not, this accessory is very popular among young Japanese and American adults.

Stockings for men
Mantyhose is a stocking product specifically for men. These stockings have a variety of motifs and colors that reportedly can make men look more manly. However, is it true that the man who wears stockings looks manly? Or is it the other way around?

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Accessories Made Of Ice
For accessories, this one is not enough if only referred to as unique or strange items. But to be more precise this item is called very magical! How not, a woman who is also a designer has just made a new breakthrough in women’s accessories such as necklaces and rings.
This latest breakthrough is not only in the new models and colors, but also in the materials he uses as decorations. By taking a high risk, this woman whose full name is Katharina Ludwig makes decorations made of ice!
This is of course very risky when users wear these accessories in hot temperatures. Ice can certainly melt and instantly wet your clothes. Therefore, Katharina Ludwig advises her customers to wear these accessories in cold weather.

Diamond Flash Disk
This item can certainly be said to be a very functional item today. This is what might make someone want to be more creative with this item. Flash disk in general is a tool that is used to store important data on a computer or laptop. Thanks to the flash disk, now one does not need to worry about carrying some important documents everywhere.
However, the price of a flash disk that is now starting to be affordable certainly cannot be equated with this one flash disk. The two famous diamond producers and designers, Philips and Swarovski have tried their luck with this one item. they created a flash disk covered with sparkling diamonds that made the item look very beautiful and luxurious. However, of course this flash disk is not cheap. To be able to have it, you have to spend $ 200 or 2 million rupiah!