6 woman shoe trends that will dominate 2021

6 woman shoe trends that will dominate 2021

6 shoe trends that will dominate 2021 –  shoes are a complement to fashion where without shoes we will not be able to go anywhere because there are no reasons for feet.

it could be a fashion item that we rarely used in the last year if we just moved from home. Likewise, this year’s shoe trend will adapt to the pandemic.

1. Retro Sneaker

Despite entering 2021, the 1981 era sneakers were again seen to dominate. The throwback shoes that we are starting to see today with soft soles and neutral suede material will be the biggest trend this year.

2. Comfortable Clogs

Love it or not, love it or hate it, the trend of clogs or wood or clogs is on the rise right now. Comes with a model that is getting cooler and ready to amaze you.

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3.Tricky Toes

This trend is pretty much seen on the Spring / Summer 2021 runway. With elements like intricate straps and asymmetrical cuts, nothing can take your eyes off these tricky toes.

4. Platform Flip Flops

Sandals are certainly a favorite during the pandemic because they are comfortable to use. But this time, platform flip-flops from the early 2000s are poised to dominate. Taller than retro sandals with a comfortable sole and extra wide straps.