5 Fashion Trends in 2021

5 Fashion Trends in 2021

5 Fashion Trends in 2021 – Fashion, which is currently being discussed, is one of the most important discussions for women because an appearance also makes an identy.

At the end of 2020, predictions of fashion trends in 2021 from designers and fashion influencers are starting to emerge. In fact, several designers and brands have started making collections that are expected to be a highlight in 2021. Seeing that 2020 is so different, topics related to the 2021 fashion trends are very interesting to discuss.

1. Earth tone, monochrome, and soft colors

The use of neutral colors such as cream colors and a collection of earth tone colors, as well as monochrome, including soft colors, is predicted to be the favorite color in 2021.

2.Oversized shoulderpad boyfriend blazer

A fashion item model that is predicted to become a fashion trend in 2021 begins with a boyfriend blazer. This year, the oversized men’s blazer will be very popular with fashion enthusiasts. But not just boyfriend blazers, because the blazer model with shoulder pad accents (pad on the shoulder) will be the most popular model in 2021. You can use this one blazer trend in a variety of styles, both formal and casual.

3. Croche outfit

Crochet clothing is predicted to be a trend again in 2021. This lacy material has its own fans because it can give an attractive impression to your appearance. In 2021, the selection of crochet motifs and colors will be more diverse and accentuate the hippie style.

4. Checkered stripes and animal print motifs are also expected to be trending in 2021.

Even though they are still comfortable with simple motifs, we predict that animal print and checkered stripes will become a trend in 2021. These motifs are then presented with a simple and soft concept.

5. Sheer clothing

Even though it is no stranger to the world of fashion, transparent clothing, aka sheer or see-through, will again become a fashion trend in 2021. Even though it is transparent, if combined with the right basic clothes, you can create a stylish style with this fashion item. In 2021, see-through clothing will be increasingly diverse, from models to motifs. So don’t miss to collect this one outfit.